Do you perceive that 20% of the effort gets you 80% of the results, but where does admin fit into that equation?

To decrease admin time, we first you have to define it. Admin time is made up of those hours you spend in a business that clients don’t directly pay you for. It’s a required expense, and like all expenses, it needs to be minimised.

You will need to make systems automated and self-driving to ensure productivity. Adopting Sitecert to help automate non-value adding tasks will help you be more productive.  Sitecert can streamline the process and save your time and money from being wasted. The world’s smartest and most productive people accomplish more by doing less. That doesn’t mean showing up to work less, it means that when they show up to work they’re not doing all the little things that consume time.

There’s a quote by Brian Tracy that goes, “For every minute spent in planning, ten are saved in execution.” While it may be more like five, the principle still holds water.

Spending time on admin is taking time away from your business or worse from your family or your life’s passion. Let Sitecert help you get you more customers or your weekends back. Ideal for Manufacturing, Construction, Mining and retail management system compliance.


LOLER, PUWER and PSSR Inspections Made Easy

Sitecert provides 3rd Party & Inhouse Mobile Inspection software enabling inspection companies to carry out inspections more efficiently in the field and deliver higher level of service to the customer.


Sitecert provides inspection software for 3rd Party Inspection Companies so that they can carry out inspections using i-Phone, i-Pad or other smart devices which reduces costs by up to 60%. Onsite inspections are faster and the client can immediately view certificates online within minutes of examinations taking place.

Typical customers include those in Lifting Equipment Inspection, Fall Protection, Static line and Wind Turbine Inspections. In addition, Sitecert is ideal for the “Rental Market” for carrying out Pre-hire and Post-Hire inspections on equipment.

IN-HOUSE Compliance:

Sitecert’s Inhouse version allows companies to transfer paperbased inspections to mobile devices.

Using mobile devices to capture information to comply with your management system results in drastic savings. Inspections are quicker, more accurate and results immediately available online. No more filing forms/checklists or double entry of data as it is stored immediately online. You now have a “LIVE” management system and where compliance levels can be seen in online in real time and the ability to take pro-active actions.

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