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Safety Lifting equipment inspections

Safety Lifting is one of the first companies to adopt “.com” on to their business name which I’m sure other companies will follow in this internet age.

Safety-Lifting actually changed their name from “Tacklestore” to reflect their true business as they were getting too many calls for fishing tackle!

You may recognise the logo as they exhibit regularly at LEEA’s Liftex. Safety-Lifting Exhibit as they also supply to the trade via their distributors.

This dual service is unusual but it is the quality and range of equipment, including own brand that they have available enables them to do this. The fact that they are independent also gives them an edge over other wholesale providers who are restricted to certain brands.

The website is very easy to use with visual images guiding buyers to the appropriate pages. This is important especially when selling to the end users who may not be as familiar with lifting equipment.

Safety-Lifting also carry out inspections of lifting equipment and utilise Sitecert inspection app to eliminate paperwork and give their customers access to the LOLER certificates online.

Safety-Lifting have expansion plans for 2014 and Sitecert are delighted to be deploying in other depots planned.

Ballinphellic Lifting Equipment-Inspections

Ballinphellic Lifting

Ballinphellic Engineering is one of the leading providers of overhead cranes in the Munster region.

Their high end pharma clients have maintained their relationship through the years and it can be attributed to Ballinphellic Engineering providing a long-lasting, trustworthy service.

Their new workshop in Crossbarry, ensures that Ballinphellic will continue to be a major player in the Muster region.

Their customers include some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical, construction,water treatment and manufacturing industries. They have diligently meet their customers every need regarding lifting solutions of over the past 30 years.

Ritelift Lifting equipment inspections

Ritelift Lifting Gear Solutions

Ritelift is another Sitecert customer located in a famous landmark. Ritelift are located in Greenwich, London so punctuality is a big thing with them.

They have located within the London Low Emission Zone which costs them a fortune annually for their fleet of vehicles but being near the customer and servicing their needs promptly is one of their main priorities. It is a price they are willing to pay to keep their customers on-board.

In keeping with satisfied customers it was only natural that they adopted Sitecert and the availability of certs online has proven a big hit with their customers.

tasmanian rigging lifting inspections

Tasmanian Rigging Supplies

Tasmanian Rigging Supplies becomes the *5th Australian customer and another company that got tired of inputting data outside of normal office hours.

Tasmanian Rigging had invested in an online webportal that they inputted information into but found that they were burning the midnight oil too often in order to get the certificates up for their customers to view.

The migration to Sitecert was a small step, but one which totally takes away the pain of administration and paperwork. Now certificates are created onsite before the examiner leaves so they don’t have to return to the office.

Going Paperless enables Tas Rigging employees to enjoy paper in its raw format @ one of their many world renowned forests in Tasmania!

Sitecert is also ideal for cementing relationships with clients in the mining industry which is a heavy user of lifting equipment. From recent reports it seems that Australia can’t get minerals out of the ground quick enough and the mining industry is keeping recession at bay.

Initially Sitecert believed that companies who had already invested in online certificates would be difficult to sell to, but it is proving the opposite. Companies that have built their own online systems are known in the industry as “Early adopters” of technology, and more open to new ways of doing things as they recognise the savings that can be achieved.

This “Early Adoption” companies now have in their armoury a sales tool to leverage new customers with and win high value contracts without solely relying on price. They offer an enhance the level of service that competitors cannot compete with.

IcL Lifting equipment inspections

Irish Crane and Lifting

Irish Crane and Lifting are one of Ireland’s oldest lifting equipment supply company in Ireland. Irish Crane and Lifting really do cover all types of lifting equipment from shackles to tower cranes.

If you do see a tower crane in Ireland – (thankfully they are becoming more popular as we exit the recession) you can nearly be guaranteed that it is one of Irish Crane and lifting’s.

Irish Crane and Lifting is the biggest supplier of tower cranes in Ireland and this is down to their professionalism and efficiencies at erection and dismantling.

Despite their name Irish Crane and Lifting erect and operate cranes overseas also which has grown in recent years.

Their extensive website also allows them to ship items overseas with their comprehensive online shop.  They are very confident of their equipment and keen pricing that they list the prices directly on their website. They even allow users to compare products against each other which is a nice feature.

Irish Crane and Lifting are located close to the Sitecert development office and we often test new features with them to get their feedback and we are very grateful.

Irish Crane and Lifting are now into their 2nd generation, going from strength to strength and we hope to be beside them as they grow.

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