So you are thinking of bringing LOLER inspections inhouse?

We have recently signed up a number of customers are carrying out their own LOLER inspections and using our Software to do so. They have become used to having an easy to search webportal from their previous LOLER inspection provider and want to continue this.

We think the reasons for the upturn is due to a number of reasons. Companies want to reduce costs and LEEA have trainied quite a number of Lifting Equipment Engineers who are now available to carry out these inspections.

Companies also feel more confident in meeting the criteria set down to ensure that the inspections are independent.

Generally it is only the larger companies that can afford to do it inhouse Рas for an engineer to remain competent, they have to be nearly full time at inspections.

Being trained is not enough as experience is also required to be knowledgeable and an Engineer spending only a handful of days inspecting would find it hard to maintain his/her skills.

If you are thinking about bringing it inhouse, please familarise yourself with the requirements as this is one of the hurdles you must overcome – and likley to raise its head when something goes wrong.

Companies have become accustomed to luxury of having reports available online and do not want to lose this when they go inhouse with inspections.

Please contact us for an easy to use LOLER inspection APP that will reduce the cost of compliance and enable Reports to be viewed online.


Owen Ferris


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