Traditionally January has been a busy month for us here at Sitecert as Lifting Equipment Inspection Companies put aside time to become more efficient.
Some companies are too busy with running their business to investigate bringing in a system to manage inspections.

Often, it is the time it takes to manage these inspections which hinder putting in an Inspection system – so it is very much a chicken and egg scenario.

With COVID giving everyone time to reflect on how their business operates, we have seen an upturn on enquires to reduce the cost of inspections. With many people furloughed particularly “Admin” staff, companies are trying to be more efficient with what they have.

This is where Sitecert fits in as the Engineer creates the LOLER report directly on site with no more backend admin required.

We recently added a new customer who is currently a sole trader and he used to do all his “paperwork” on a Tuesday and Friday night. He used to burn the midnight oil, often finishing in the wee hours of the night. He is delighted with Sitecert as it has now given him those evenings back with his Wife, albeit due to COVID-19 he can’t go out to enjoy them!

Time is one of the most valuable resources – essentially that is what Sitecert provides.

Software as a Service:

Sitecert operates as a “Software as a Service”, so that you only pay as you use the software. This ensures that there is no big capital expenditure required to purchase the system.
It is in times like this that SaaS comes into its own as how much you pay is determined by how busy you are. It scales up and down as you require.

Sitecert Offer:
Companies now have the time to analyse our system and how it may fit in to their business. Their biggest concern is generally financial as they are not willing to pay for a system while their staff are furloughed.

Sitecert has now extended the trial period to 4 months which hopefully will get customers to the other side of Covid-19 restrictions.

If you are looking to reduce the costs of inspections and give your customers a portal to view their LOLER reports, please email Alan.