LOLER was brought in to reduce the risk of workplace accidents by implementing serious punishments for businesses who fail to meet the regulations. As well as dealing with the death or serious injury of a person, businesses face fines and possible imprisonment.

In 2016 a company director was sentenced to jail for 12 months, ordered to pay £4,000 and disqualified from registering as a director for seven years. The director was judged to be responsible for the death of an employee who died when a spider lift overturned on him. The employee did not receive adequate training and no risk assessment was put in place.

In 2018 a port operating company was fined £300,000 due to an accident that left an employee with serious injuries. The employee was hurt by a load falling and sustained multiple fractures, lacerations, ligament reconstruction and more injuries which left him unable to return to work. In 2019 a large electrical company was fined £334,000 following the death of a crane operator. The business was found to have not provided adequate training to the operator and failed to ensure the lift was properly planned and supervised.

Make sure you don’t fall foul of the LOLER regulations. Get an inspection today and avoid a costly consequence.