How do we do that?

We save time on inspections and practically eliminate the administration associated with recording the results of the inspections. Taking out unnecessary double entry.  This time can be spent on developing other customers or if you are a small operator you can spend your evenings and weekends with your family again ! That is why you need Sitecert – the lifting equipment inspection app.

Sitecert records each item that is inspected therefore you can charge for exactly what items were inspected. Each inspection is referenced by date and you can add Job numbers and PO numbers so your customer knows exactly how hard you are working for them.


“But some of our guys are not tech savvy.” 

Sitecert is simple but effective.  With only 4 screens to use on the mobile app.  If you can use Facebook, Linkedin or Tinder you can easily use Sitecert.


“We don’t want to invest a lot of money in a system”

We have done all the hard work for you.  The is no need to spend money developing a system – we have done that. We don’t charge you to set up or develop the system – you pay a monthly subscription ( which hasn’t increased in 10 years) based on your usage – not on how many logins or operators you have.

On top of that we will give you a FREE trial which will give you and your team time to experience the benefits for yourselves.


Your Customers

Where ever your customers are they will have access to Sitecert (if you want them to).  They will have their certificates at their fingertips and are available any time so no need to fear surprise visits.


Your Team

For you and your team.  Sitecert is versatile, flexible and quick.  You can design checklists for individual items, no need to keep logging in and setting up.  You can even set up default answers to speed up the process.


“We want to do it ourselves”

Sitecert is a powerful tool developed over many years, many businesses have tried to develop their own system pouring money and resources into the project only to be disappointed with the outcome. Don’t fall into that rabbit hole. We know first-hand the cost, the technical skills required and the time it takes to develop such a system.

For lifting equipment inspection software to be successful, it has to be tailored around the examiner and the end user who logs in to view reports. You have to be very dedicated, understanding the requirements of the users and the technology required to bring it about.

We are a SaaS based company, which means that all this redevelopment did not cost our customers one red cent and they can rest assured that their inspection system is future proofed, with more updates to come.

Visit us at Sitecert – the lifting equipment inspection app – for more.

Or contact me directly at  and I will be happy to help.