SOLAS Inspection – Faster Onboard Inspections

SOLAS Inspection

Sitecert’s  SOLAS inspection (Safety of Life at Sea) APP can drastically reduce the time on-board carrying out inspections and completing documentation. This gives you the edge over competitors with increased profit margins.

Solas Inspection

Sitecert is used for safety inspection and certification of lifeboats, davits, liferaft and other lifesaving appliances (LSA’s). Each device has a tailored checklist to ensure compliance with SOLAS so “non-applicable” questions do not appear saving valuable time.

Equipment can be identified quickly by filtering your customers equipment on the APP and seemlessly carry out SOLAS Inspection (s).

Alternatively you can use RFID or Barcodes to automatically identify equipment in the field.

The Captain and the Ship Owners have access to the certificates immediately ready for any Port State Control visit onboard.

Your own SOLAS Checklists can be uploaded to Sitecert ensuring that transition is seemless.  Inbuilt intelligence within Sitecert enables very specific SOLAS checklists to be generated. This ensures that only specific questions are asked based on that type of equipment so no more N/A type answers.

Equipment can also be “allocated” to other assets which is a valuable tool for tracking equipment. For instances, you can click on “Lifeboat no:20” and it displays inspections for that boat but also the equipment attached to it eg. Davits. This enables detailed histories to be formed on equipment along with tracking its lifetime and where it was deployed.

Benefits (Click heading to expand)

Save between 40 -65 % in inspection costs

Backend admin is totally eliminated as examiner creates certificate online directly from the APP.

SOLAS Inspections are faster on board as LSA’s can be quickly identified and inspected.

Examiner knows which items have been missed before they disembark ship.

Give your clients access to certificates immediately

Data is sent back via sim card and certs available before examiner leaves site.

Your clients can access certs and reports 24/7 from your own branded webportal

Error Free Inspections

All your clients assets are available on the APP, so no more misreading of serial numbers.

Assets can be easily identified by filtering by Product Groups or automatically using RFID or barcodes.

Partial search of serial numbers is ideal for identifying assets where serial number is obscured.

Increased level of Service

Your customers can access their Reports and Certificate online 24/7 in an easy to use and searchable database.

Sitecert offers Inspection Companies a Branded App which you can give to your customers. Here they can access inspection results and asset lists.

As LOLER and other inspection reports are available online, it ensures that they have access to a register of lifting equipment, thus satisfying Port State Authorities Officials.

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