Safety-lifting Lifting equipment inspections is one of the first companies to adopt “.com” on to their business name which I’m sure other companies will follow in this internet age.

Safety-Lifting actually changed their name from “Tacklestore” to reflect their true business as they were getting too many calls for fishing tackle!

You may recognise the logo as they exhibit regularly at LEEA’s Liftex. Safety-Lifting Exhibit as they also supply to the trade via their distributors.

This dual service is unusual but it is the quality and range of equipment, including own brand that they have available enables them to do this. The fact that they are independent also gives them an edge over other wholesale providers who are restricted to certain brands.

The website is very easy to use with visual images guiding buyers to the appropriate pages. This is important especially when selling to the end users who may not be as familiar with lifting equipment.

Safety-Lifting also carry out inspections of lifting equipment and utilise Sitecert inspection app to eliminate paperwork and give their customers access to the LOLER certificates online.

Safety-Lifting have expansion plans for 2014 and Sitecert are delighted to be deploying in other depots planned.

Safety-Lifting are full members of LEEA. Info:

At we are dedicated to supplying our customers with sturdy, safe and reliable products that are well designed and at the same time offer exceptional value.

As an independent company we have the flexibility to offer a vast selection of products from well known manufacturers to our own quality but cost effective own brands.

We employ fully qualified staff and have been working in the lifting equipment industry since 1977 so we have gained a vast knowledge of all types of lifting, jacking materials handling and height safety products.

Flexibility of products to suit your needs for example we stock 4 different models of chainblock from economy through to innovative high quality CM 360 Hurricane which can be used in any position even upside down.

Quality and safety, all lifting and materials handling products are fully tested and certified before despatch; we only supply proven robust products that give you reliability and a long life.

Availability, our aim is to provide our customers with immediate availability on standard products we hold 1000 product lines and our current stock value stands at over £400,000.00.

International agents, our distributor network is growing rapidly and our products are becoming available in new markets throughout the world, please contact us if you need our products when working outside the UK. or are interested in becoming a distributor.

Proactive product development, our product range is always evolving to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, our aim is to introduce new innovative equipment and insure our prices remain competitive without compromising safety.

Spare parts, we hold extensive stocks of spare parts which keeps your down time to minimum.

Global product sourcing, through our product database we can locate specific products to meet unusual or difficult lifting applications.

Custom design and manufacture, we can design and manufacture products to your exact requirements.

Same day delivery, we operate our own delivery vans so if you need the equipment in a hurry we can deliver the same day. Most orders are dispatched by overnight carrier.

Free product application advice, we always welcome the opportunity to assist with the suitability of a specific product on or off site.

Full after sales service, we would be pleased to assist with all your requirements for maintenance, inspections and testing of your equipment.
Unit R1D Rockingham Gate
Poplar Way West
Cabot Park
BS11 0YW
Office:+44 (0) 117 9381 600

"It makes administration / storing of customers inspections reports much easier / faster and is a good selling point to promote to your customers.
As well having helping to secure the customers business in the long term.

Mike Hughes - Owner -