Tasmanian Rigging Supplies becomes the *5th Australian customer and another company that got tired of inputting data outside of normal office hours.

Tasmanian Rigging had invested in an online webportal that they inputted information into but found that they were burning the midnight oil too often in order to get the certificates up for their customers to view.

The migration to Sitecert was a small step, but one which totally takes away the pain of administration and paperwork. Now certificates are created onsite before the examiner leaves so they don’t have to return to the office.

Going Paperless enables Tas Rigging employees to enjoy paper in its raw format @ one of their many world renowned forests in Tasmania!

Sitecert is also ideal for cementing relationships with clients in the mining industry which is a heavy user of lifting equipment. From recent reports it seems that Australia can’t get minerals out of the ground quick enough and the mining industry is keeping recession at bay.

Initially Sitecert believed that companies who had already invested in online certificates would be difficult to sell to, but it is proving the opposite. Companies that have built their own online systems are known in the industry as “Early adopters” of technology, and more open to new ways of doing things as they recognise the savings that can be achieved.

This “Early Adoption” companies now have in their armoury a sales tool to leverage new customers with and win high value contracts without solely relying on price. They offer an enhance the level of service that competitors cannot compete with.

Tasrigging are full members of LEEA.

105B Mornington Road,
Tasmania 7018
Office:+61 (0) 362 451 834

Sitecert enables me to play more golf as I don’t have to do anymore paperwork after spending a day onsite inspecting equipment.

Tom Paul – Tasrigging