Ritelift Lifting equipment inspectionsRitelift is another Sitecert customer located in a famous landmark. Ritelift are located in Greenwich, London so punctuality is a big thing with them.

They have located within the London Low Emission Zone which costs them a fortune annually for their fleet of vehicles but being near the customer and servicing their needs promptly is one of their main priorities.  It is a price they are willing to pay to keep their customers on-board.

In keeping with satisfied customers it was only natural that they adopted Sitecert and the availability of certs online has proven a big hit with their customers.

Ritelift director – Daniel Lilley was also ex-LGH so like Fairview had previous experience of mobile inspection systems and the savings achieved. As with any new technology, it’s hard to go back to the “old” way of doing things and frustrating when you know there is an easier way to do a job you are doing.

Ritelift operate in the Central London area and were able to service the many construction projects underway for the 2012 Olympics. Ritelift have expanded along with their customers operating in London where the downturn did not have as big effect on business.

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Ritelift Details
669 Woolwich Road, Charlton,
Se7 8LH.
Office:+44 (0) 845 408 4922

“Providing a fast service is very important to us. Our location enables quick delivery of products and now Sitecert ensures quicker delivery of LOLER reports to customers”

-Daniel Lilly