IcL Lifting equipment inspections

Irish Crane and Lifting are one of Irelands oldest lifting equipment supply company in Ireland. Irish Crane and Lifting really do cover all types of lifting equipment from shackles to tower cranes.

If you do see a tower crane in Ireland – (thankfully they are becoming more popular as we exit the recession) you can nearly be guaranteed that it is one of Irish Crane and lifting’s.

Irish Crane and Lifting is the biggest supplier of tower cranes in Ireland and this is down to their professionalism and efficiencies at erection and dismantling.

Despite their name Irish Crane and Lifting erect and operate cranes overseas also which has grown in recent years.

Their extensive website also allows them to ship items overseas with their comprehensive online shop.  They are very confident of their equipment and keen pricing that they list the prices directly on their website. They even allow users to compare products against each other which is a nice feature.

Irish Crane and Lifting are located close to the Sitecert development office and we often test new features with them to get their feedback and we are very grateful.

Irish Crane and Lifting are now into their 2nd generation, going from strength to strength and we hope to be beside them as they grow.

Irish Crane & Lifting Info:

Established in 1981, Irish Crane & Lifting is the most experienced company in the Crane & Lifting equipment Industry in Ireland

They have a very active Facebook page and post stories of interesting projects they have undertaken both in Ireland & Overseas.

Irish Crane & Lifting
Unit 2,
Co. Kerry
Office:+353 646 633 722
www.irishcranes.ie (shop)

‘We don’t need to worry about about admin anymore and creating certs as they are handled by Sitecert. The “Register” is very handy for our customers to know what assets they own and for our engineers at inspection time.We don’t have to print of cert for our customer anymore as they can access them easily online.’

Dave Coffey- Irish Crane & Lifting